Saturday, September 14, 2013


Each coatad tablet contains
Bumadizone calcium aemihydrate 110 mg
Butylmalonic acid mono-( 1,2 
diphenyihydrazide calcium semihydrate Properties Octomotol has marked anti-inflammatory and antiesudative properties and a peripheral
analgesic effact.
Octomotol is quickly absorbed 
Indications Acute and chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases: arthroses, apondyloses and extraarticular rheumatism, after surgical interventions and irradiations, in all tields of clinical medicine
Open and closed injuries
Contusions, sprains, tractsres, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, joint effusions, haematoma etc.
Other inflammatory conditions: in the area of the female adnexa and the pelvic connective tissue of blood and lymph vessels 
e.g. lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis ), in otorhinolaryngology (sinusitis, otitis, pharyngitis etc. ), as well as in ophthalmology (iridocyclitis, kerstitis etc. ). Contraindications Absolute:
Inflammatory and ulcerative alterations in the gastrointestinal tract (history of stomach troubles).
hypersensitivity to pyrszoles, leukopenis, hsemorrhsgic disthesis.
Severe impsirment of the liver, kidney or heart functions. Octomotol enhances the eftect of antidisbetics and oral snticosgulsnts: therefore, simultaneous administration of these drugs with Octomofol should be avoided. (Otherwise.thtblood sugsr response, thequick values must be controlled scrupulouslyl).
During pregnancy, Octomotol should not be administered.
Generally Octomotol is well tolerated.
Possible side-effects are: gastrointestinal disturbances 
sickness, indigestion, nsuses, vomiting) and silergic and general skin reactions. In such cases, the physician must be informed.

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