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SPASMO - DIGESTIN Digestant, Choleretic, 
Enteric Coated Tablets Spasmolytic and 
Each tablet contains 
Papain 100mg — -.“ -. Sanzyme 3500 .36 mg 
Sodium delrydrochotate 10mg 
Dicyclomine hydrochloride 5mg 
Simethicorre 30 mg 
Spasmo - dlgsstin is a well balanced combination with specific digestivecholeretic. 
spasmolytic and antillatulent properties. Spasmo - digestin provides the body with 
papain, the proteolytic enzyme, in addition to sanzyme 3500 which is a rnuttienzyme 
complex containing mainly protease, amyfase. tipase and cellulase.These enzymes act 
upon food contents of the GIT and catalyze their conversion into simpler and easily 
digestible and absorbable components. Spasmo - digestin therefore brings to 
completion hydrolysis of protems into peptones and small peptides; &tarch into dextrins 
and simpler sugars; fats into fatty acids and glycerol, and cellulose into absorbable 
matter. Spasmo - digestin also exerts choleretic effect through sodium dehydrocholate 
Which improves the flow of bile necessary for emulsification and digestion of fats. The — spasmotytic effect of Spasmo dlg.sttn is due to dicyclomine hydrochloride which — rapidly and effectively relieves spastic pain of the Gi musculature and intestinal 
hypermotifity. The antimuscarinic and direct antispasmodic actions of dicyclornine 
hydrochloride account for its high efficacy in irritable bowel syndrome lspastic colon). — The antiflatulent effect of Spasnio dtgesttn is due to simethicone, the powerful 
detoaming agent. Simethicone redssces surface tension of gas bubbles in the GIT 
causing them to coalesce and be easily expelled. At the same time, simethicorie 
prevents formation of mucus - surrounded gas pockets in the GIT These properties 
collectively make Spasmo - digestin the drug of choice for rapid relief of indigestion, 
GI spasms and flatulence. 
• Dyspepsia, post-prandial discomfort. epigastric fullness anib flatulence associated with 
functional indigestion due to digestive enzyme deficiency or imbalance. 
• Chronic enteritis, gastritis and pancreatitis. 
• Following surgery on the stomach, small intestine or pancreas, and postgastrectomy 
• Irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon) with Such symptoms as anorenia,infestinal 
spaiàr. flatulence, constipation or diarrhea 
• Loss of appetite 
• Azloreaia nervosa. 
1-2 tablets to be taken immediately before each meat. 
A boa containing 30 enteric costed tablets. 
Keep in a cooi dry place. 
Keep out of the reach of children. 
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