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coli - urinal
COLI URINAL effervescent granules
Urinary antiseptic with antispasmodic 
Each 100gm contains
Hexamine 10gm.
Kheiiin., 35mg.
Piperazine Hexahydrate (as citrate) 3gm.
Effervescent base add. 100 gm.
The antiseptic action of Coli-urinal depends mainly upon the presence of hesamine, which is in acid urine slowly hydrolyaed to formaldehyde and ammonia. The peak concentration of formaldehyde is attained in 2 hours which acts as potent antisaptic that may be effective in some cases where other antibacterials fail (specially chronic cases). Khellin by its direct relaxant acfion on the smooth muscles relieves the colic which usually associates urinary disorders. Piperazine adds to the benefit of Coli-urinal by increasing uric acid excretion and dissolving urate crystals. Coli-urinal is readily absorbed from GIT and is rapidly eliminated in the urine.
- Urinary tract infections: pyelitis, pyelonephritie, cystitis,
uretheritis, etc.
- May help as adjuvent In case of recurrent urate calculi.
Side Effects:
In occasional patients slight nausea. Vomiting & diarrhea may occur and overdoses may rarely produce nervous complications including somnolence, dizziness’, muscular incoordination due to piperazine specially in patients complaining of disturbances of renal function.
- impairment of hepatic function due to liberation of ammonia from hesamine in the gastrointestinal tract.
- Severe or moderate renal failure . Severe dehydration, metabolic acidosis, neurological disturbances, epilepsy. Drug intaractione:
Sulphathiazole )and may be sultonamides) forms insoluble urinary crystals with formaldehyde, so avoid such combination with hesamine containing preparations. Dosage and administration:
- Coli-urinal is better to be given after meals.
- 1 Tablespoonful in 1/2 glass of water t.d.s.
To be stored at temp. not exceeding 
? C To be stored at a cool dry place away from heat and light.
- Bottles of SO gm, SO gm. dry granules.
Keep out of the reach of children. 
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