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• In serious infections: I200mgioagnabioticsvwy6hours. Magnabiotic Chlldras:3months-l2years:3timglkgeverythours. 
Film coated tablets, Powder for oral Suspension & Vials eT5h hours (In premature 
infants and ir full teen iniants during the prenatal period), increasing toe 
Reconstituted saspecolon tablets hourly intervals there altar. 
Composition ant St 
112.1 di St 5,5: 
itd nqltnd mgItsI mile sjlda .s rl -Each3omgotMagnabloticvialcuntains2cergamnoydilinandftmg 
tOm Ma Otsg a,s a.1 M. ttts -Therapy con he stadod parseteraily ard conitnaed with an oral 
titan prspawitue. 
{apotsdest) sore m re 5t tort uts fore -Trnohrrsnt with Magnabistlcshnutu not sotsnd bepoed 14 days without 
campositlan Vials Ahssorpstallsrgicreachonstopanicdln. 
5 Stdeeffswta toesydselaadmotl 550 mg icon mg Mograbloac is geseretywell tolerated. The nraionitiesafside effects are 
Sted)ade) rca mg 200 mg mild 
and transient and canslsl mainly ci diarrhea, nausea, abdominal 
dlucsmfcn, skin raehns and urticaria which disappear upon 
dlsnonbnuatioc of therapy. 
Inactive isgrsdtents: Dreg leseraestssac 
Film coated tablets: 
- Pmbenenid decreases thu renal tubular secretion of amscycdlin. 
Csdoidai silicon diclode, sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate Concurrent use with ewoyncitin / danulenots potassium may meat In 
and mrcmcrystailne cellulose. increased and prolonged blood levels of arrrnrryciilrn . Coadminletratun 
lareral ssap.nstan: of pmbsnecid cannel be recommended. 
codium saccharine, sodium beozoate, dtric add anhyntmus, sodium - The concurrent administration of ailacpurlnel and amsoydilin 
dtrate anhydrous, minrncrystailne cellulose, canthan gum, slicon increases substantially the incidence of rashes in patients rscelnisg 
diocide, slticinanhydridecctoidel,cherryltaccurpomdecu mansfol. both drugs as compared to pahents rasendcg anrccyclllin alone. trio 
Pharmawalegisal Actions: not known whether this poinctiatluc cf aecosycililn rashes Is due to 
Magnabichc in an anti-bacterial combination at amusycihic and ailcpunrmi orthe hypwnurcem:a present :0 these pabentu. Them am 
danulenic add. riuncoycillin is semi-synthetic penicirr 
with a broad no data with amuuycllllc I dacuianaie potassium and aitopudnol 
spectrum against Grem+co and Gram-co mlum-arganisms. Clacuienic administered concurrently. 
add is a y-iactam structurally related to peniudlins that inacticaten - in common reth other bmad-epecteuw antibiotics, 
lactamaun enaymee commonly found in micm-organisme resistant to amucyctiln I daculanate potassium may reduce the 
efficacy of oral 
penidli:ne and cephalosynrins. The combination ot amrinydhiln and ccohecoPbnes. 
ciauulanic cart ectunds the ankbicbc spectrum of emocyciilin to indude Pregsaoep & Laeiattanr 
bacteria normally reeistanfthamccydilin 
and other -lecfam actibictics. -Magnublotic should be scolded during pregnancy enpeulaty during the 
Alter oral administration, Magnabiutic is wed aheothed from the timtblmauter. 
gastrointestinal Paul, stable in the presence of gashtc add and may he - Gunno lactation, Pace quantities cf yendirns ceo he detected in breast 
admlnleteredwithnutmgecdtnmeeis. eritb. 
Phermawakineelco: Precastlass & Worsings: 
After oral 
administration of Magnebiwrlc, appmsimateiy 50% -70 % sri - lntnacercus Magnabloftc uhuoid be used mitt cautico in pullnciu with 
and 25% -40% of the danulan’wadd iseocreted unchenged ecldnncnofsecemhepatlcdyshuncttun 
in urine 
darling the tret sb heum. tdlttosee readily Into most body tissues - Magnabiotic dosage should he adjusted fee paftenfe with eeuera m aednuldearolcanhedetected :nmlddieearaffusion. ewderate rensiimpdrmant. 
lsdtsattsiss: Steroge: - Upperrespiratcrpnact and E.N.T infacflccw: e.g. Tonetbtie, pharyngius, f-Film coated tabiste; 
iaryngltiu,slnueitis,ndhnmedb,etc... Fac3lftmgend t gre: 
• Losner raupiratury Pad 
inlectiaes: e.g. trnnchitis, pneumonia, Keeytimcwatedtabieru:ndryplaceattereperutsrennteuceedlng3drC. 
emphynema, iungabsceee. etc... Fnrti2timg: 
oastmintewtinal infectlcnc:e.g. cnieritisandbwlaryhectinfectinns. Keeptimcwatndtublnfoindrypiaceuttemperaturennteoceedlcg2pro. 
oenrin-urinarytractlntoctione:e.g. Cystce, urethritis, grinnmheaetc... -Pewderfereralseapsesien: 
- 0km 
6 softbseue infections: e.g. Celiuilhs, sryeipeias, boils corbrunden tefore reconstitution: 
etc... Store aitempecatura not ecceeding 3C in dry place. 
Oftrem: Pg. Sepricemia, uctnnmyellhs, etc... Alter reconsrituricn: 
Meshed of r.senstitstlee and admieistraeieou Sime at? C-tcCfm7days. 
Oraisuspeetioe; -Stats: 
-Thesuspensionehould bereccnshtutsd)ustbefnm use. Ksepc:aieattempecatumiseethae3bC. 
watnr to the contents, to the math In 2 pon:une and shako wet after Keep medtutn000i se reach efshtldrse.. each sddftnn. Package: 
it should headmicisteredwithic7dayscfracorstituticn. 1-Film coated tablets: 
-Shakewel bslcrntaklng cachdoso. 37fimgtlabist:tnfimccatnd tabietepacked inambnngiaesbnthe 
-Thereccnsthutndeuspann:onmusthentaredatrnthgnrator. (35 ml) type 3 with 2 silico gel copeules and 
auto plastic cap with rod 
Vials: plastic ring inacortnn bccwrith pamphlet. 
5.5: tsomgylabiei: gfim coated tablets packed in arehergiass bulge 
Magnabictic intravenous may he administrated corer by intravenous (35 ml) type 3 mith 2 silica gel capsules and white plastic cap wgh red 
ie)sct’wn crby intnnniftent i.Vintus’unn (ills not suitable fur inhe muncolar plastic ring inacorionhouwthpemphiet 
admicistration) I gm/tablet; 10 tim coated fakiets pecked In amber glues bothe (30 ml) 
etc mg nial: to reconut:tcte, dnooice contents in 10 ml at waler icr type 3with 2 silica gel capsules and with white plastic cop with red piontic 
iri)ecticn eR (teal column 10.5 ml). ring macodor hocwith pamphlnt. 
12W srg dat: to reconstitute, diseolce contents in 00 rd ci water for 2-Pewderferoratsospeeeiee: 
in)ecctarrg.P. )fcaicoiunw2ti.ftrdf. )ltiti.2SwgISwI), )230mg/5m1), )312.Omg/bmt)cr)4f0 mg/Smi). 
Adansioetpiekcoinrmayappeardunngreconsttuftnrr. Acadonheoconfalnieg itnpe3lbntiecfttiurgoreieltermccosgtuaon 
Recocetitutedeulurinnsaracoenatipa pale straw color. 
lstravs.eas injeotiess 
The stability cl Magnabmctic intracennut solution Is e concentration 
dependent, thus Magrabinfic )inhecenous injector or slew i.y infuslurc) 
Istranessas iseesles: Magnabicbc isdacenocu reap he infused in water ho ic)ectnn OP. or Sodium chloride inpaccoous injection t.R )O.ft%wlc). 
Add tco mg of fire reccwstsuted sducunthsc ml ci Infusion nuid or 1200 
mgrecceetttutedeuiutinntw iccwi inrceisntuid)prnferabiyuningaminl ba 
or in une burette). 
Infuse ccer3o-dO winutes and complete withindhuum of reconstitution. 
Any rusidcoi antibicticsciutior shcuidhediecarded. 
Gases am administered under medical addco according to case severity 
and petianfe response 
Oral suspeesiwn asd tire caatediahiose: 
Adults and cthidrun ocer t2 yoam of age: 
Megcabiahc4tignrg: 2teaspcontcIs)tOmi)ennry 12 hours. 
Or: OcofiimcoatedfatsotctMagcatuotic37crngecerytihsurn. 
Or: OnatimcoatedtabtetafMagnabretictgmenery 12 hours. 
-Secere lntedicrm: 
One IimcoatedtablatnfMagnabiatct2nmgecerythoum. 
Or: One tire cwatud tatiletof 1 gmncerythuum. 
ft months -2 yearn: Halt teaspauntsl )2.5 ml) of Magnebictic tst.25 mg 
ecaryt hours. 
Or:tiaitteaspucnfuI 2.0 mi)cfMagoabictlc 230 mg every i2 hccm. 
2-7 yaam: One feaspcanho joint) cf Magnabictic 156.25 mg every 
Oc nrreteaspconthi )ft ml) nt230 mg nuery l2houm. 
7-12 peam: Twnteaspconfcis )iS ml) Magnabobccf 156.25 regeceryt 
hours. Or: use teaspoonful )5 ml) Megcabbullu3t2.5 mg suery t boom. 
Or: use teaspoonful )5 ml )ofMagnebictic of dtO mg eceny l2haum. 
in severe infectcns, these docages reaphednubied. 
Stole:) IV. ln)edlcnnrinhudco)Aduitsandchuldrenucscl2yeam: 
with distilled water, dcead tip pitor preuf plestc cap with induction sealing wIth pamphlet 
)tiocmglcialor 12130 mgpiial)Aciai)glesstype flpacked macedon boo with pamphlet, 
lsstreetlensof Patients: 
Patients should 
he counseled that antibacterial drugs induding awosycilhr I clavulenata potassium, should coly he used to flat hectedal infections. They do ret heal dm1 infections e.g., the common cold). flier amnnydiln Idaccianete potassium is prescribed to beat a bacterial infectiun. pabeats should he told thai although It is common te feel better eeriy In the course of therapy, the nradicatiun should be taken euautly as directed. Stopping mean or not completing fire tall course of therapy nray: 
1) decrease the nffactceuess ni the immediate treatment. 
)2) increase the cknlihoud that heutaria will 
develop resistance and will not he tinatabin by awacydllin I dauruienete potassium or other antibadnrial drugs re the hufcre. 
-ruwwreaco.w.eeuenm.en .c.anrefl 
Preaucad te 
Suatr Easel Snug ieduoetes Pampany