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Thiotacid compound
Thiotacid COmpound
For Polyneuropathy 
Each capsule contains:
Thioctic acid (alpha lipoic acid) 300mg
Benfotiansine 40mg
Cyanocobalamin 250 meg
Thioctic acid is a biologically occurring substance which acts 
as acotitctorin the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, the alpha,ketoglutacatedehdogmman-consplex; mtninoacidhyhugmglsa1i5levels of thioctic acid have been found in patients with liver cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and polyneuritis. During the tnetabolic process thioctic acid may be transformed from its oxidized totsn(with the disulfide bridge in the molecule) to its reduced dihydroforni wills two free sulfide groups. Both forms have strong antioxidant effects, they protect the cell from free radicals that result from intermediate metabolites or from th degradation of exogenous molecules and from heavy metals. Dthydr acid also scavenges superoxide radicals and hydroxyl radicals and prevents lipid peroxidation. Thioctic acid delays the onset of motor hexacarboninduced neuropathy, and dihydrolipoate protects neurons against iuchenhie damage by inhibiting accumulation of free oxygenradicals in Cerebral tissues.
Thioctic acid improves endothelial dysfunction and endonesstial blood flow to the peripheral nerves, consequently improves all symptotns of painful neuropathy. Thioctic acid has an objective effect in increasing nerve conduction velocity. Benfotiamine is the roost potent of the allithiamines a unique clsss of thiamine-derived compounds. Benfotiamine’s unique open-tinged structure makes it able to pass directly through cell membranes, readily crossing the Intestinal wall and being taken straight into the cell, as a result, thiamine absorption frota Benfothtminc is about five times in great in from conventional thiamine supplements ‘and the effect is even more impressive at the tissue level brain and muscle. Benftstiaminepowertiillysupporlt nerve function in diabetic neuropathy, with a significant improvement itt nerve conductionvelocity. Benfotiansine also has the power to improve vibratory perception threshold, Benfotiamine users experience a 50% reduction in diabetic nerve pain.
Benfotlaipine prevents the 4GB-associated retinal damageThee benefits are neither due to changes in blood sugar levels (either tht1og, or after a meal, or averaged over several months (as measured byUbAic)), nor improvements its metabolic benclsnsarlcs hut are the direct results of flenfotiamines AGE-fighting, metabolic-balancing power. Both Alpha Lipoic acid (Thincticacid) and Benfotinmiticact synergistically to inhibit the major biochemical pathways implicated in the pathogenesia f hyperglycemia induced vascular damage, which are the hexosamine pathway, the advanced glycation end product (AGE) formation pathway and the diacyl glycerol (BAG)- protein kinase C (P1CC) pathway as well as hyperglycemia-associated NF-kappa B activation, therefore are useful in preventing the development andprogressiooof diabetic complications.
Cyanocobalainin (Vitamin Bt2) is essential for neucleic acid synthesis 
and acts as a coenzyme in many important enzymatic processes. It is also essential for the maintenance of the integrity of the nervous system and for the synthesis of molecules which are involved in fatty acid biosynthesis and productionof energy.
Indications: nrtsrodegenersglvt diseases, optic neuritis, neuralgia of the spinal nerses, especially facial paresis. cci’s (cal syndromes, low back pain, herpes roster, sciatica, encephalopathies. for the preventionand treatment of deficiency of vitaminB l,E 12, post-infiuenzal nearopathies.
2-6 capsules daily in divided doses 
according to the severity of the case and physician’s prescription, it should be taken on an empty stomach.
Side effects: 
Sytnptonss ofparaesthesia may temporarily worsen atthestartof therapy.
In suspected hypersensitivity 
towards any of the ingredients. otherwise iso othercontraindications are knosn.. Drug interactions:
mnusi be ad1usted in diabetic patients as thioctic acid may have an additise effect to insulin as nell as otherhypolscemis medications.
Warnings &Precautions: 
Animal studics has e not demonstrated teratogemc
effects, there arc 
no available adequate studies in humans.
ijimoctic acid should only he used if the
bend itS to the rn,mther 
outweigh the potential risks to he fetus.
beloss 30 C & protect from light
Oat ofreach ofchildren ‘ Package: Pack 01 one or two strips each of It) capsules
Manufactured by 
— EVA Pharma for Pharmaceuticals &
Medical Appliances. Egypt

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