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VASONORM ANTi hypeRTENSivE Composition 
Each scored tablet contains 
Amlodipine besylafe equivalent to arnIodipine: 5mg or 10mg. 
Properties: VAONORM )Amlodipine besylafe) is an effective and safe long-acting calcium charroet blocker for treatment of hypertension and angina pectons. VASONORM inhibits the hansmembraoe influx of calcium ions into vascular smooth muscle and cardiac muscle with a greater va505etectlve effect. VASONORMis a peripheral aeeriul and aeeniclar aasodilator that acts dfrectty on vascular smooth mascie to cause a reduction in elevated btood pressure. VASONORM does not affect ainoatrial nodal function or atrioventricular conduction and does not cause significuot clrarrge in heart rate. In soertional angina,VASONORM decreasesthe total penpireral resistance (adtedosd) agairet which the heart works and, in turn, reduces the myocardial oirygen demand. In oasaspastic (Pdnzmetal’s or variant) angina, VASONORM effectively inhibits coronary artery spasm and restores normal coronary blood flow. In hypertension and angina pectoris, VASONORM is an escellent heatment even in pasents intolerant to beta-blockem or organic nitrates. Clinically, once-daily-dose of VASONORM redaces elevated systdic and dsstolic btosd pressure, decreases the trequency of anplnd attacks, improves eoercise tolerance in patients with effort-induced )eeertioral) angina and reducas on prevents chest pain in oascspeutic angitra. VASONORM therapeutic effects are maintained tsr 24 hours. VASONORM does not significantly affect blood pressure in normotensive patients wtren prescribed tar angina, sod can be safelyused iv patients with asthma, hypedipidemia, diabetes mellitus, gout and renal dysfunction. Contrary to many other antihvuertensiae medications, complaints of seeual dysfunction are unhkely amang patiests taking VASONbRM. 
yxnlodipine is welt absorbed fram the GIT with BC - 80% reaching the systemic oiruulatlon. Absorption is not affected by food. Peck plasma concontratloes are achieved 6 - 12 hours after administration. Steady state plasma levets are attained after 7 - 8 days of consecutive daily dosing, Amladipine is widely distributed into body tissues and flaids and Is about 95% bound to plasma proteins. Amlodipioe is metabolized in the liver with only about 10% of the dreg etminatod unchanged in urine. About 60% of the metabolffea are eacreted in the urine and the remainder is eliminated in the feces. Plasma hart-tile isSO-Srthoum. 
- Hypertension. 
- Chronic stable angina (eeertional angina). 
- Vasespasfic angina (Prinzmefat’s or variant angina). 
VASONORM is effective as monotherapy or in combination with Othrr ogenta. 
• Hyperl.nsias and angIna ft m ) one VASONORM 5 ma tablel I once daily, us initial dose, increesed Into mg ) two VASON&RM 5mg tablets or one VASONORM to org tablet) once daily depending on the response of the patiant. 
- Sanere cases at angina :10mg) two VASONORM 5mg tablets on one VASONORM 10mg tablet) once daily. - In elderly and hepaff C lnautfictency the initial dose is 2.5mg) hail VASONORM 5mg tablet) once daily. 
NB. : No dosage 
adjssfsnevt is required in renal dysfunction. 
Cantretndlcatlsns Hypersensitivity to amlodipine. 
Precaatlase: As with other calcium channel bleclbrs, amladipine should be utid with casftun in patients with congestitue hewn failure, heputlc insufficiency and severe uortic sterragts. 
Side eflfecta: 
VASONORM is safe and well taterated. Side effects are rare and mild. However, as with other catdum channel blockers, headache, dlzzinesa, nausea, palpitations, ffushlrg, edema and skin rash might occur. 
Pregnancy and lactation: THIS IS A MEDICAMENT r5vnlodrpne should be used during pregnancy only if the Merticameud Is a product which affects 
poteetial benef It justifies the potential risk sodas cirected your health end its consumption contrary 
by the physician. No data are available or 
the secretion to instructionS Is dangerous for you. 
of amlodipine in breast milk. Pallowsfrlcilyffredocfor’s prescnlpsion, the Song tntaeacttsss: method of use and the instructions of the Amlodipine enhances the effects ci other antthypeiteosivw yhansstciaf wtraaoid.the medicamanf. 
and antianginal agents. A combInation of a caldurn ‘The doctor and the pharmacisf are the 
channel blocker with a beta-blocker should be avoided in 
patients with markedly Impaired left ventricular luncrion. In medicines, their 
benefits and On.rdoaag. and treatment: - Scoot by yourself inlerrupt the period of 
Accidental overdose results In hypctenslon and tieatrnrent prescnbed. 
bradycarda. Treatment includes 
gastric leeage, - Do nof repeat the same prescription 
hospitalization for cardiovascular support and dale 
witfreut consulting yuardocfur. 
nrer)ical supervision. Dialysis and hemaperfusion are -Keep alt medicaments sutof reach of 
not effective. chlldneff. 
Interference with laboratory tests: 
None reported. Couacll at Arab Health Mtslst.ra, 
Union at Arab Pharmaclals. 
Absnat 10 scored 
tablets otsmg 0110mg. Stenage: - . Made tnttoypl 
Keep out of fhe reach of children. 
PFIARCO Keep at temperature) 15- 25 C). n1nhirurusuT1cnLs’ • 

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