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Tri-B Tablets ampoules
Vitamin B complex deficiency
Active ingredients:
Tablets Ampoales
Each tablet contains: Anipoule 1 contains: VitaminBl 125mg. VltaminBt 100 mg.
Vitamin 06 125 mg. Vitamin B6 40 mg.
Vitamin 812 125 meg 
Ampoale 2 contains:
Folic acid S mg. Vitamin B12 1000 meg
Inactive ingredients:
Sacchorine sadism, PVP 
1(25, vanillin, lactose, magaesinm steare, steuric acid, Talc, starch, PEG 6000, gelatIn, ethyl alcohol.
sodium phosphate dibmic anhydroax, methyl paraben, sodium acetate crystalline trlhydrate,aceilc acid, benzyl alcohol.
Pharmaceutical form: Tablets 
and ampooles. Pharmacological actions:
Tn — B ampoates cantata three factors af vitamin B complex 81,06, B12 which are essential far the performance of the aormal
metabolism sad proper fanctiossing of 
tlse living cells.
Vitamin Bi forms the 
co-enzyme co-earboxylase which catalyses the decarhanylation of pyravic acid and other keto-ncids.
Vitamin B6 is a constituent of the enzyme system which is concerned 
with transaminatlon and decurboxylatlon af amino-acids.
Vitamin 012 in odditlon to 
its haemallnic aad anabolic fanctioss foIBle as important role lathe treatment of neornlogioal disorders.
Tn-B tablets in ociditlon to vitamins Bl, 06,012. ceotain folly acid which is necessary for the normal production of red
blood cello inclading molurailon of megnioblasts into normoblasts. Pharmacokinetics:
-After LM. administralloa, it’s absorbed rapidly and completely, distributed widely into body tissoes, metabolized to liter,
excreted io urine and small amoants from bile.
-After oral administration, it’s absorbed from GIT, metabolized and stored in liver and excreted in ovine. Indications:
.Paiofal nearopathies ,Trigeminal aeoralgla, rheumatic pains.
2.Palyoeuritis, Optic 
neuritis. Diabetic neuritis, Alcoholic nearitis.
3.Nearttls of 
4.Vomitiag of pregnancy.
disorders, Tremors, Cramps.
6.Anaemia: aatrttiooul macrocytic anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia of 
infancy, onaemio of pregnancy, peliogla and following
gastrectamy and in pensicloos anaemia.
Dosage and administration:
The contents of the ampooles I and 2 ore mixed aad iojected intramoscolarly daily or as directed by the physician. Tablets: 1-2 tablets dolly or as directed by the physician. Contraindicationi:
i-Not used to treat megalohlaatic anaemia of pregnancy.
2-Patients with known sensitivity to any of the components.
effects: Parenteral administration of thiamine hydrochloride solotions may canoe allergic reactions.
Drug Interaction:
Colchlcine may ioterfere with vitamin B12 absorption leading to megalablastic anaemia.
Redaced absorption of vitamin 812 was observed in ease of paliento receiving potassium citrate or calcium glocaOate with metformin.
Biochemical interactions occar between pynidoxal phosphate and certain drugs as Isonlazid (increase nrinary excretion of vitamin 06) Penielllamine (prolonged ase), cyciosenine and hydralaziae. Vitamin 06 enhances peripheral deearbosyiation of levodopa and reduces its effectiveness thus most be avoided in patients receiving levadopa. The effect of folic acid may be diminished in patients receiving barbitorates, and en- tsimnxazole.
Folic acid shonid not be given to patients osing aaticossvs.lsa,sta as Phenytoin, phonobarbitone or pnimodane since it reduces their blood ievels. Sulphasalazine can impair the nbaarptioa of folic acid In the got.
Pregnancy and lactation:
Usedif clearly needed in pregnancy. Vitamin B complen encreted in breast milk, so eas.tion shonid be taken daring lactation. Precautions and warnings: Seriaaa hypersensitivity reactions may occar. t,t Package and storage: vzooo
Bus of 6 doable ampoales. Code No.:
Bat af 3 doable ampoalno. Tab.: 300135 Box of 2 strIps i0 tablets. 3 Amp. :351210
_____________ 6Amp.:35i239
-Store no temperatare 
below 25C. ______________ Inatructions to patients: Keep oat of reach nfeblldsan.
Manufactured by The NILE Co. for Pharmaceuticals and
Chemical IndustrIes 
Cairo A.R.E. ILC.C. 115668

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