Saturday, September 14, 2013


Phenazone 5%w/ w 
Chlorbutol 1 % w / w 
is an otic solution which induces an analgesic action due
to Phenazone and antiseptic properties due to Chlorbutol. It relieves pain and discomfort in the ear when the tympanic membrane is intact. Phenazone inhibits prostag1andin cyclooxygenase— enzyme with a subsequent decrease in the formation of prostaglandins which sensitize pain receptors to painful stimuli. Chlorbutol is a potent antiseptic gth-pnenLanlibacteriaL and antifungal properties. The use of Otocalm Ear Drops does not distort the otoscopic appearance as the solution does not blanch
the tympanic membrane or mask the landmarks in the ear canal. Indications: - For prompt relief of pain and discomfort in the ear as in otitis externa and acute otitis media. - As an adjuvant therapy during systemic antibiotic treatment of ear infections. Contraindications: -the pmseniieo[ perfcraieth - tympanic membrane or discharge. Mode of application: Instill 2 to 4 drops in the ear, permitting the solution to run along the wall of the ear canal, two to three times daily until pain is relieved or as prescribed by the physician. Packing: A bottle of 10 ml with a dropper fitted in. Storage: Keep out of ihe reach of children. Made in Egypt PHARCO Alexandria rrc2

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