Friday, September 13, 2013


LEE-FLOX 250, 500 750 Broad spectrum
Tablets antibacterial
Each tablet contains:
Levotloxacin 250, 500 or 750 mg
LEE-FLOX contains levotlosacin which is a bread spectrum antibacterial agent with enhanced tissue penetration, helonging to ftuoroquinolone antimicrobial agents. Levoflonacin exerts bactericidal activity against a wide range ot gram-negative and gram-punitive microorganisms such as Streptococcus pneumouiae, Haemophilus influenza, Morasella catarrhalis, Staphylococcus aureus, Haemophilus paraintluenea, Klehsiella pneumoeiae, Chlamydia pneomoniae, Legionella peeumophila, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, Enterococcus taecalis, Enterohacter ctoacae, Encherichia cell, Proteus mirabilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It acts through the inhibition ot DNA gyrane, an enzyme required for DNA replication, transcription, repair and recombination. Levotlosacin may be active against bacteria resistant to )l-tactam antibiotics.
Acute sinusitis.
Acute bacterial esacerbatioe of chronic bronchitis.
• Nosocowiat pneumonia.
Community-acquired pneumonia.
• Complicated and uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections )mild to moderate) including ahceeses, cetlulitis, turuecles, impetigo, pyoderma and woand infections.
• Complicated urinary tract infections )inild to moderate).
Uncomplicated urinary tract infections wild to moderate).
• Acute pyetpnephritis.
• Chronic bacterial prostatitis.
Acute sinusibs: 000 mg eeery 24 boors for 10.14 days or 750 mg every 24
hours for g days.
Acute bacterial exacerbation of chronip bronchitis: ggg mg every 24 hours
for 7 days.
Noxocomiaf pneumonia: 75g wg every 24 hours for 7-14 days.
Community-acquired pneumonia: sgo mg every 24 hours br 7-14 days or
750 mg every 24 hours for 5 days.
Complicated skin and skin structure infections: 750mg every 24 hours for
7-14 days.
Uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections: soo mg exery 24 hours
for 7-10 days.
Complicated urinary tract infections: 200mg every 24 hours for 10 days.
Uncomplicated urinary tract infections: 250 wg every 24 hours for 3 days.
Acute pyetonephrilis: 250 mg every 24 boors for 10 days.
Chronic bacterial prostalibs: 000mg eoery 24 hours for 20 days.
Dosage adjustment may be necessary In meal function impairment.
In very rare cases, nausea, diarrhea or sleep disorders may occur.
Hypersensitivity to levoflosacie or quinotone antimicrobial agents.
NSAIDs may increase the risk of CNS stimulation and convulsive seizures.
Exposure to excessive sunlight may cause photosensitivity and should be avoided. Hypoglycemic reactions may occur rarely In patients using hypoglycemic drugs.
LEE-FLOX 250 & 500: A box containing 5 tablets.
LEE-FLOX 750: A box containing 7 tabletS.
Keep at a temperature )15-30C).
Keep out of reach ot children.
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