Saturday, September 14, 2013


GYNOZOL 200 or 400 Broad Spectrum Vaginal Soft Gelatin Capsules Antimycotic Composition: 
Each vaginal soft gelatin capsule contains: 
Miconazole nitrate 200 or 400mg 
or 400 VagInal Soft Gelatin Capeules contain miconazole nitrate, the broad spectrum antimycotlc agent. Mlconazola nitrate exerts a potent fungicidal activity agalnat the common pathogenic fungi including Candida species, yeasts and darmatophytes. It exerts Its fungicldal effect through inhibItiOn of ergosterol synthesis resulting in disruption of the integrity of cell membranes of sensitive fungi. Miconszole nitrate also possesses bactericidal action against Gram-positive bacilli and cocci. Because of this broad spectrum activity, QYNOZOL 200 or 400 is particularly useful in mixed vulvovaginal infections. Clinical studies have also evidenced that miconazole nitrate is significantly more effective than nystatin In vulvovaginal candidiasls with rapid relief of symptoms such as burning sensation, pruritus and leukorrhea. The use of GYNOZOL 200 or 400 is considered safe even during pregnancy as the released miconazole nitrate acts topically with poor absorption from the vagina. 
indicef ions: 
- Vaginal and vuivovaginal infections caused by Candlda (moniliasis) or other sensitive fungi. 
Vaginal mycoses secondarily infected by Gram-positive bacteria. 
Leukorrhea with itching and burning sensation of the vulva when csndidal or 
bacterial infection Is suspected. 
affects: GYNOZOL 200 or 400 VagInal Soft Gelatin Capsules are welt-tolerated. Contraindicattone: None Is known. Dosage and us.: 
Gynozol 200: One cepsule should be inserted deeply into the vagina at bedtime for 
6 consecutive days. 
Gynozol 400: One capsule should be inserted deeply into the vagina at bedtime for 
3 consecutive days. 
Packing: A box containing 6 vaginal soft gelatin capsules (200mg) or 3 veginal soft gelatin 
capsules (400 mg.). 
Storage: Keep in a cool dry place. 
Keep Out of the reach of children.