Saturday, September 14, 2013


Composition Each Tablet Syrup (teaspoonful)
Salbutamol (us sulphate) 2.0 mg 2.0 mg
Ammonium chloride — — 100.0mg
Fercotie is the mainstay of the symptomatic treatment at respiratory distress due to brun ctrosyusm, Salbut’amol. the actioe iegredient ut both Farcotin Tablets aed Syrup, induces a getectrue and patent beta2-adrenergic stimulant untion which causes tee relasatiou at bronchial smooth muscten, As a result, when gwen orally to patieots with asthma. Purcolin produces bronchodilatation, a decrease in airway resistance and a signifIcant improunment in pulmonary tunction with the disappearance of dyspnea associated with bronchuspasm. balbufamol. as compared with isuprenaline, has 
tee great aduanluge of exerting a pronounced and prolonged effect nn bronchospasm. In addition, the results of clinical ntudies on Satbatamot pruned that ifs undesirable eltactn on the beta-udrenergic receptors ut the heart are much less fabopt tI to 1)2) than that of isnprenaline. These illustrate how much the udeerse cardiac cheat, associared with the use of isuprenaline, are less likelp to occur with Farcolin therapy. Farcutin Syrup contains ammoniam chloride as the second ingredient. In addition to Salbutamol. with eoident expectorant action. tedicetions I
As a brunchodilarnr I or the chronio munogement or prophylactic therapy of bronchial usfhma, and for reunrsible brunchuspusm associated wire bronchitis and emphysemu. 
Precautions and contraindications I
Sulbutamut should be gioen with caution to patients with hpperthyrordism, cnrunary insuffi- - ciency, seuere hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
Salbulamol should nut be recommended together with beta-blocking drugs nor in thyratonicosis and during the first three months of pregnancy.
Dosage: Tablet Form It 102 tablets three to four times daily. or undirected by the physician. Elderly should be giuec the lower doses initially.
Syeup Poem I
Adults 0cc teunpoonful 34 limes daily, but it adeguate bruncnudilutution is not obtained.
he dose can be iocreaued lx 3 teanpoanful without nrgnificunl cardiuuagculur side effects.
Children (2-6 years) 1)2 to 1 leaspoonlul 3d times daily.
(6-12 years) one leuspounlul 3d times daily.
Box containing 20 tablets.
Bottle sf120 ml of syrup.
Protect from heat and direct sunlight.
Keep sot of the reach of children