Saturday, September 14, 2013


Depreban Capsules
Composition: Each capsule contains:
Fluoxetine (as DCI) 20mg
Fluovetine DCI belongs to a new generation of antidepressantu. the — 5HT antagonists. Z Unlike other antidepresuaots,suchas. trieyclieuntidepresvants or MAt II.
Depreban does not cause physical or psychic dependence, severe anti muscunTli
effects, cardiac and cerebral toxicity, convulsions. heputo- 
toxicity, or orthoutatic hypotension.
Ftuoxetine exerts its antidepresnnnt etlect by potent inhibition of the
reuptake of nerotonin in the presynuptie nearonu.
Its oral nbsorptinn is good 
85% at least ), it in extensively nietu holised
so only small amounts of the parent substance are excreted in
the urine. A known metabolite in dimethyl fluoxetine, which also
selectively inhibits the reuptake of nerotonin. 
Indications: Deprehan can he used to treat canes of depression of varying genesis. Dose: P Usual dose for adults (more than 15 years) is 20mg / day (t capsule).
The maximum daily dose of Depreban is 50 ing / day in divided doses D
(morning & evening). Dose must be reduced in canes of renal and/or 
hepatie inst’tEeieney to 20mg every other day. Side-effects: Fluoxetine DCI in generally well tolerated, but mild side etlectu may
appear, such as: drowsiness, nausea, headache, dyspepsin, sweating,
ninsele pain, and/or weight loss. 
Precautions: Depreban should be administered with care in the following eases:
- Severe hepntic and reitul function dinorders. 
- Concurrent use of other CNS acting drugs.
- Diabetes.
- Pregnancy mmd lactation.
- Alcoholism.
- Care should be taken during driving. 
Contra—indicatioins: D - Hypersensitivity to iluoxetine. ‘0
- Individuals under 18 years of age.
A box of tO capsules. 

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