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Clenil (rest of pamphlet)

but disappear after the first days of treatment, or on reduction of dosage if necessary.
Systemic side effects are extremely impropable due to the low dosage employed their appearance, however, could he attributed to treatment of tong duration.
The use of topical products specially for a long time might cause phenomena of sensibilization and, unusually systemic side effects.
In every case one must suspend treatment and institute suitable therapy. The preparation is to be used with caution in patients with ischemic cardiopathy, cardiac failure, hyperthyroidism, serious hypertension and in patients that have previously received large doses of other sympathomimetic drugs. One should not administer this preparation together with betablockers (ic) propanotol.
in pregnancy, the product is to be administered in cases of real necessity snd under the direct control of the physician; in these cases the interrupted use more than ten days should be avoided.
Viral and tubercular infections. Individual hypersensitivity to the components.
Remove the cap from the mouthpiece.
Hold the inhaler as illustrated.
Shake the inhaler.
Place the mouthpiece welt into the mouth, close the lips firmly and make a complete expiration.
Start a long and deep inspiration with the mouth, and then press the metal canister downwards only once with the index finger.
After inspiration hold breath as long as you can.Wait a few seconds before making another inhalation. Replace the cap.
The mouthpiece should be kept clean: remove the canister, rinsethe mouthpiece in warm water, dry and replace canister.
Aluminium container of 15 gm.
Clenil Compositum Spray is available as metered inhaler sufficient for 200
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