Saturday, September 14, 2013


BETOLVEX® Cyanocobalamin
Dispensing forms
Betolvex® injection: 1 ml (one ampoule) contains cyanocobalamin/tannin complex equivalent to I mg cyanocobalamin
20 mg aluminium monostearate
sesame oil to make I ml.
Betolvex® tablets: Each tablet contains 1 mg cyanocobalamin.
Vitamin , is essential for life and deficiency brings about the fatal disease of megaloblastic anaemia and/or neurological symptoms. Moreover, vitamin B1, acts as a coenzyme in many important enzymatic processes. 
BETOLVEX® INJECTION Betolvex® injection is a vitamin B12-tannin complex suspended in a sesame oil-aluminium monostearate gel. Vitamin B1, is gradually released from the site of injection over a long period, simultaneously replenishing the stores in the liver.
It is well established that injections of aqueous solutions of vitamin B1, bring about a short-lasting rise in the serum level, without providing surplus vitamin B1, for replenishing body stores. As the treatment of a deficiency disease can only be considered satisfactory when the patient’s physiological condition becomes completely normal, the Dumex research laboratories have developed a vitamin B, preparation with prolonged action. 
Indications In the prophylaxis and therapy of pernicious anaemia and other conditions with vitamin B1, deficiency.
Examples of such conditions are:
Total gastrectomy. which is always accompanied by hypovitarninosia.
Vitamin B1, hypovitaminosis with macrocytic anaemia and/or neuropathy. 
after gastric resection after ileocoecal resection and proctocolectomy in sprue and symptomatic steatorrhoea in surgery after intestinal shunt for adipositas with inadequate nutrition, where the cause is malnutrition or unsuitable diet, particularly in the case of elderly people who often suffer from atrophic gastritis, and vegetarians whose diet is entirely lacking in animal protein. Contra-indications Known allergy to vitamin B12. Leber’s optic atrophy, inherited optic atrophy, tobacco-alcohol amblyopia, tropical atoxic neuropathy. Precautions None.