Saturday, September 14, 2013


Antox Tablets Composition: 
Each tablet contains: 
Selenium yeast (1000 pg/gm)     55.7 mg (Equivalent to 55.7 pg selenium) 
Vit. A acetate (500 lUImg)        
4.67mg (Equivalent to 2036.46 IU vitamin A)
Ascorbic acid (97%)                  
92.78 mg (Equivalent to 90 mg ascorbic acid 100%)
Vit. E acetate 50%                     
32.92 mg (Equivalent to 30 mg vitamin E 50%) 
                                                    (15mg vitamin E)
Indications: Antioxidant food supplement. Side effects: 
has no reported side effects and can be used without any special precautions. Dose: One tablet daily. Pack: Box containing 3 strips each one contains 10 tablets. Storage: Store in a dry place at temperature not exceeding 30°C.  
Keep all medications out of reach of children
31320010 PAMOO1
Produced by
 Arab Company for Pharmaceuticals & Medicinal Plants 
Enshas El RamI 
- Sharkeya - Egypt